A tale of broken toe and bruised ego.

Recently a car ran over my foot, when I was on my way to office.  Though usually accidents synonym with my name, this time I'd to give in when the doctor ordered me to take X-ray of my right foot.
One look at the X-ray, doc announced - Minor fracture to the toe and 3-6 weeks of time for the bone to join back.  (I was expecting an hairline fracture, which is much cooler to announce) #sillyme.

And, I had to call my hero a.k.a my bro, to escort the damsel-with-broken-toe.

but, having grown up with him from the time he is born, I soon realised, what he must have heard.

Nevertheless, my most trustworthy hero of all times, was near my office to pick me, within minutes.  The concerned look on his face multiplied my love towards him #proudsisme :D

In more than 5 years of riding two-wheeler, though I've fallen many times, I have never had a fracture.  With my bruised ego, when I'd to stay at home for a week, the reactions from people were:

"A car ran over your foot? Tyre puncture hua kya?" - #devil1

"Met with an accident? Car ko kuch hua kya?" - #devil2

"I heard you got your toe fractured. Why there is no cast? I so wanted to sign on that :(" - #Disappointed1

"Why the car driver is not suing you?" - #Disappointed2

"Showing off with your broken toe, eh! Let's put a toll here and I'll be the cashier" - #opportunist

"oh god! another 1 lakh rupees extra burden to your dad" - devil3

and someone who heard the news after couple of days "hey party time! Why didn't you inform us earlier? We are gonna celebrate" - #Sadist1

Sigh!! How would I even live, without these silly idiots called friends in my life who make me laugh in the worst of my times and not to forget the friend who wanted to deliver the medicine to my doorstep, friends who came home with loads of chocolates knowing very well that it's my medicine for any given time and took me out for ice-cream treat and so-on. #feeling-grateful

Forwards!?! Think again..

Information is all around us, thanks to Technology.  But how often do we go just a step ahead and check the authenticity of the info we get, esp in case of forward messages.

Not trusting the message I get, makes me feel bad about my skepticism.  Nevertheless, when I cross checked, I felt it was worth the effort.

1. Recently a pic of July calendar was posted on FB, claiming that to be a Money bag as per Feng Shui.

                                            Do I have to say more?

2. I often get forwards from my friends for the need of Blood and they even give the contact no, if someone is willing to donate.  
This is something which I hate to doubt, but of more than 100 such messages I’ve received; only one happened to be an active contact no.  Yes, the phone nos given in most of the times are fake ones.  Such messages are as good as forwarding god’s pic with the threat of poverty/other difficulties in life, if you don’t forward further.

3.   Cure for Blood Cancer at Adyar Institute.

But, the fact is:
"Imitinef Mercilet" is apparently an alternative spelling of the cancer drug, Imatinib mesylate. It is true that Imatinib (or "Imitinef") is available free of charge for patients who have been admitted to the Adyar Cancer Institute hospital for cancer treatment. However, the Institute is not handing out the drug freely to all as suggested in the message. Moreover, the drug does not actually cure all blood cancers as claimed in the message.  Info from (

4. Help line numbers:

None of the phone numbers in this forward message is valid.

5. Calling 1098 in case of excess food in your party/function.

The message we often get is :
If you have a function/party at your home in India and food gets wasted, don't hesitate to  call 1098 (only in India ) - Its not a Joke, This is the number of Child helpline.
They will come and collect the food. Please circulate this message which can help feed many children.

But Childline India (1098) on their website very clearly states that:
Warning : We understand there is a chain mail circulating that says - one should call up 1098 to pick up left over food after a party etc so that it is not wasted. This is not true. We are India 's only and most widespread Children's phone emergency outreach service (1098) for children in need of care and protection. We do not pick up food or distribute food. This mail was not initiated by us, kindly do not circulate it. Your cooperation is appreciated.

6. AIDS through paani puri.

One mail which all of us, for sure have received at least once and obviously the most ridiculous one. 
A good explanation found in this write up at :

7. Coughing helps in case of Heart Attack.

Everyone seem to think that, if one gets a heart attach when alone at home, coughing would put the heart on right track. But please beware, anyone trying this would only be coughing to death.

The simple reason, as I learned in First Aid training, is that during a heart attack patient's heart should be kept calm than to stress it with heavy coughing, in simple words, "just worsening the heart attack".  
More details :

For the love of their life,  please please, PLEEEAASE don't suggest Cough CPR to near and dear ones.

Enough being said, I conclude not to believe all the forwards, unless the info is verified.

Here is a funny statement by a Chain Forward Victim:
"Made some hundred wishes before forwarding those Ganesha, Tirupathi Balaji, Sai Baba pics.  Now most of those wishes are married to someone else" ;)

Bliss or Pain?

 Feels many miles away, 
Though sitting in arms reach,
Love is Blissful pain.

(Photo courtesy: Google Images)

Poster Mania

When BBMP decided to paint Bangalore city roadside walls, no doubt, like every Bangalorean I was happy.  (Not just for the beauty it adds to the city and the amt of opportunity it provides to the artists, but also hoping that the footpaths will not be treated as toilets anymore).

But, as the same walls were my great source of updates on new movies, I knew that I would miss the joy of watching the movie posters while traveling.
The posters stuck on the roadside are a world by itself.  I somehow had the uncanny ability to decide if a movie is watchable, just by looking at those posters.

Though the whole idea posters are to tell a bit about the theme, and majorly about the theaters and show-timings (very important when asklaila or bookmyshow were unheard of), if one observed carefully, 
         - it would convey director's aesthetic sense and creativity,
         - depending on the areas, the posters are mostly stuck - we would know if it's class or mass or an art movie, and 
         - by the paper and the print quality, one can easily guess the movie budget :D
(I majorly decided on the movie watch-worthiness on these criteria, in the same order ;) ).

The recent posters I noticed, are Dandupalya (Kannada) and Gangs of Wasseypur (Hindi) and both are Crime-genre movies.  While Gangs of Wasseypur posters instill curiosity, all that I could see in Dandupalya posters is "watch-movie4-pooja-gandhi-skin-show-ness".  Even though I'm interested in watching movies based on real-life stories, I'll be happy with fiction this time.

In couple of other incidents too, posters have really helped me to stay away from the movie.  Here are some of such posters.

The Creative head probably couldn't think of anything apart changing the dance step (both are in mid-air though). Jeans & White shirt and even the bike remained the same.  Raam movie poster copies from Aarya-2.

This poster of Sanju weds Geethaa has no relevance to the story.  Yet, the hawt-ness of the Kites poster had to be copied. Sigh, the dress matches here too!!

This poster of Dashamukha obviously tops the list of Copy-Paste-Zindabad.  When I heard that, the famous "12 Angry Men" movie being remade in kannada, I was skeptical. This particular poster removed all my doubts and made me stay away from the theatre hall.

Sigh! Creativity rocks!

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