A tale of broken toe and bruised ego.

Recently a car ran over my foot, when I was on my way to office.  Though usually accidents synonym with my name, this time I'd to give in when the doctor ordered me to take X-ray of my right foot.
One look at the X-ray, doc announced - Minor fracture to the toe and 3-6 weeks of time for the bone to join back.  (I was expecting an hairline fracture, which is much cooler to announce) #sillyme.

And, I had to call my hero a.k.a my bro, to escort the damsel-with-broken-toe.

but, having grown up with him from the time he is born, I soon realised, what he must have heard.

Nevertheless, my most trustworthy hero of all times, was near my office to pick me, within minutes.  The concerned look on his face multiplied my love towards him #proudsisme :D

In more than 5 years of riding two-wheeler, though I've fallen many times, I have never had a fracture.  With my bruised ego, when I'd to stay at home for a week, the reactions from people were:

"A car ran over your foot? Tyre puncture hua kya?" - #devil1

"Met with an accident? Car ko kuch hua kya?" - #devil2

"I heard you got your toe fractured. Why there is no cast? I so wanted to sign on that :(" - #Disappointed1

"Why the car driver is not suing you?" - #Disappointed2

"Showing off with your broken toe, eh! Let's put a toll here and I'll be the cashier" - #opportunist

"oh god! another 1 lakh rupees extra burden to your dad" - devil3

and someone who heard the news after couple of days "hey party time! Why didn't you inform us earlier? We are gonna celebrate" - #Sadist1

Sigh!! How would I even live, without these silly idiots called friends in my life who make me laugh in the worst of my times and not to forget the friend who wanted to deliver the medicine to my doorstep, friends who came home with loads of chocolates knowing very well that it's my medicine for any given time and took me out for ice-cream treat and so-on. #feeling-grateful

6 replies!!:

Shareef S M A said...

//without these silly idiots called friends//

you are very rich... our life will never be complete without friends..

Anoop said...

hehe... thats a nice one.. :) i mean.. the stick figures n the dialogues n what u said n what ur brother heard.. :D its nice...

moonlite:D said...

@ Shareef:
True, Family n friends - make us very rich :)
Blessed to get that love n affection :)
Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see your around again :)

moonlite:D said...

@ Anoop:

Had to do something when you stuck at home, right! Glad you liked it.

thanks for visiting my blog. Keep visiting :)

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

Gosh! I hope you are doing well now! :D

moonlite:D said...

@Nikita: I'm fine now and toe is recovering too.

double Thanks :)

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